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It is always good to spend some part of the day giving some time to reflect and take stock to reflect on for example our own lives, our relationships at home, at work with the local community and environment, and praying for the wider world. It is a time to meditate and allow us to hear God. It is a time that creates a natural rhythm to our life and creates a daily discipline. Our modern lives make it difficult to find the time to reflect during the week and busy weekends and so how and when we pray is important.

First of all we should find time because it is good for us. At the very least it takes us out of our stressful lives. If we cannot manage every day we should aim for two or three days a week, aiming to pray perhaps for 3 to 5 minutes each day to start with. This could include reading a Psalm or passage from the New Testament for example, it could be simply sitting quietly and listening to your breathing or a piece of music listening for God or it could be opening the Bible randomly and reading a passage from it.

The following Daily Prayer can be used as a set structure with Psalms and readings from Scripture and is changed everyday. You can use the whole prayer or parts of it but if you use the full prayer you will need thirty to forty minutes.

Daily Prayer

Oremus : www.oremus.org

A shorter prayer site and one that also changes daily is;
Sacred Space : www.sacredspace.ie

Daily Prayer Site
If you want to be lead in prayer via video for about ten minutes or so you could find this useful Reflections : www.londoninternetchurch.org.uk


Bible Reading Marathon

Starting in 2011, All Saint's Church, have held a unique event during Holy Week each year. Starting at 3.00pm on Palm Sunday, we have hosted a complete reading of the Bible, (Night & Day) finishing mid afternoon on Holy Thursday.

Everyone, Parishioners & Non Parishioners, have been welcomed to read for 30 minutes, and in the quiet atmosphere of the Church It has been deemed a complete success over the three years that it has taken place.

A number of prominent persons have taken part: Senator Fergal Quinn/ Ms Eileen Dunne/ Senator David Norris. We have also had many people from around the country, including a Nun who travelled all the way from Limerick to take part, after hearing about it on Radio.

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